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Premier Team

Premier Team was established in 1999 offering a quality Contract Cleaning service for
commercial, industrial, and retail environments. Since, we have expanded and are now offering,
Facility Services and Property Support Services.

We pride ourselves on the quality of service guaranteed. It is our belief that effective
communication with all of our customers ensures a high standard of services at all times.
It is as a result of this policy that Premier Team has retained the same contracts within a
stable base over a long period.

A great deal of attention is directed to the training of our staff. This is our corner stone for
success which is embodied in a threefold commitment, to quality, training and improved
productivity. Sustained growth is based on providing trained, skilled staff to carry out tasks
specifically matched to each working environment. Our cleaning operatives are provided
with the most advanced cleaning equipment in order to facilitate the tasks undertaken.
In conjunction with Nilfisk Ireland Ltd., the professional cleaning equipment manufacturers,
we work to implement an elite cleaning system.

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